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350 years of history

Over 5,100 permanent residents, from more than 42 nationalities live in Mayfair and 60% of residents were born overseas. Within that group, 64% arrived in the UK between the ages of 20 and 44.

There is more space for people than you might think, with a population density of just 39.3 people per hectare, compared to over 100 in the Westminster Borough as a whole. Mayfair also has a thriving business sector, with the population increasing to over 85,000 on a daily basis (pre-Covid). Mayfair is becoming younger. The proportion of residents aged between 25 and 44 has risen from 33% in the 2001 Census to 42% in 2011. Household sizes have also diminished, with over 55% of private rented households and 52% of owned properties containing just one person in the 2011 Census.

The Best of Both Worlds
Reflecting the high levels of wealth, 12% of all single person owner-occupiers boast properties that have over four bedrooms. Across Mayfair, 46% of properties are privately rented. This compares to 26% that are privately owned (66% of which are owned outright). Since the 2001 Census, the figures for home ownership have remained stable but the number of people privately renting has increased. Such figures are indicative of both Mayfair’s housing stock (over 80% of dwellings are purpose built or converted apartments), rising capital values, and the changing make-up of Mayfair residents. Mayfair’s central location and the quality of life on offer attracts people who want the best of both worlds. 11% of the working age population of Mayfair work from home, compared to just 7% across the rest of prime central London. 22% commute on foot and 29% enjoy a journey of less than two kilometres to their place of work. These figures are significantly higher than for the rest of prime central London.

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