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Leading property brands have united for charity to support the ‘LifeLine Phones 4 NHS’ campaign which is appealing for Londoners and companies to donate new or second-hand smartphones and tablets to the NHS so that they can be data wiped, sanitized and provided to Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients in wards so that they can have video links with loved ones.

Under the auspices of charity the Young Barnet Foundation and voluntary organization Barnet Together and CIC Social Box, the ‘Lifeline Phones 4 NHS’ campaign is being supported by leading property brands including Aston Chase, Avanton, Beauchamp Estates, Landhold Developments, LONRES and Wetherell.

The ‘LifeLine Phones 4 NHS’ campaign was officially sanctioned by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and London NHS hospitals that will benefit from the campaign will include the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, Barnet General Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital.

Londoners and companies wishing to donate Wi-Fi enabled phones or tablets (all non-returnable) need to simply visit the website – and email details of the devices they wish to donate and the address they can be collected from within the London area.

Then Social Box, a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) will arrange to have the devices collected, data wiped, checked, sanitized and then delivered to the hospitals and wards that need them most.

Garry Simpson, Managing Director of Landhold Developments says: “Landhold Developments and the other property names involved are pleased to be supporting this ‘LifeLine Phones 4 NHS’ campaign to provide London’s NHS hospitals with devices for linking Coronavirus patients with their loved ones. If Londoners and companies have spare unwanted smart phones or tablets they can donate them to this very worthwhile cause.

Jeremy Gee, Managing Director of Beauchamp Estates and co-head of the property sector co-ordination team for the charity campaign alongside Garry Simpson says: “We and the charity and non-profit organisations involved are delighted that so many firms from across the real estate industry have kindly given support to this initiative to help the NHS provide its patients with an alternative to face-to-face contact. This charity campaign will aim to help connect patients in wards cut off from their loved ones at precisely the time when they need them most.”

Research by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in August 2019 estimated that there are around 40 million unused smartphones, tablets and other laptops lying unused in drawers and storage in companies and households across the UK, with most owners having no plans to recycle. The RSC survey found that 45% of the 2,000 people they surveyed had as many as five unused devices in their possession with the most common items being mobile phones and laptops.

For further information contact Wetherell on 020 7529 5588.